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Smart card in PVC per l'identificazione

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Smart Card in PVC a prezzo di fabbrica Per controllo accessi / presenza / identificazione

1. Full Color printing on both sides of the card
  Full color printing with full bleed on both sides of the cards.
2. Choice of Thickness
  0.2mm, 0.3mm, 0.38mm, 0.76mm, 0.84mm, 0.9mm, 1.0mm, 1.2mm
0.76mm is the standard credit card thickness. We also offer thicker cards but cost will be higher.
3. Choice of Card Surface
  Matte / Glossy / Frosted
4. Individualization for card
  Embossing number
Thermal printing number
Laser printing number
Barcode ( with or without matching numbers)
5. Signature Panel in any size, shape
  A. Signature panel is available in any size, shape.
B. Available color: white, colorful
6. Hot Stamping of aluminum foil
  Various colors of foil are available for hot stamping. We offer free hotstamping of silver, gold or holographic foil. Holographic foil is a silver looking foil which shows different shades of color at different angles. Note that hotstamping is recommended for larger shapes and text.
7. Magnetic Stripe (Loco/Hico)
  1. We offer 3 tracks(Frequently used) with Low coercivity (LoCo) and High coercivity (HiCo) magnetic stripes. Tracks includes single track, double tracks and three tracks.
2. Stadard magnetic stripe size: a. 85.5mm*12.5mm(4mm to card upper edge)
b. 85.5mm*6.5mm(5.5mm-6mm to card upper edge)
3. Magnetic stripe color: black/silver/gold
8. Scratch-off Panel

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